3 Ways to Conquer Writer’s Block

Dhanha Bien-Aime

3 Ways to Conquer Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block. What is it exactly? Here is a defitinon I found online on the Mariam-Webster dictionary: a psychological inhibition preventing a writer from proceeding with a piece. I will give you my own take on the definition of writer’s block, I think it means when you are unable to continue writing something that you were creating. This can be an article, blog post, and chapter in your book, a script or even a paper for school. Having writer’s block is frustrating. I believe every creative person has had a moment of unoriginality. This is definitely true for any type of writer. What can you do when you face writer’s block? What are some solutions to dealing with this creative roadblock? I have decided to share with you three things I have done personally to deal with writer’s block. Time after time when I have writer’s block I do these three things:

Do something else creative, not related to writing. Writers are a creative group of people. We mainly express our ideas through the written word, however, there are other ways to express yourself. Creativity is self-expression. Find another outlet to express what you want to write about. For example, when I have writer’s block I like to doodle and sketch different things that come to my mind. These sketches provide an outlet for me to express what is going on in my mind. This is a great way to find inspiration. If you love photography to take pictures around your environment. Pictures always tell stories. This is one way to get your mind going and make you feel inspired. If you are also a musician play your instrument or sing freely whatever you feel. The point is to use your creative energy to feel inspired again.

Communicate with Outside World. Sometimes as writers we are stuck in our thoughts. Reaching out to a friend does wonder. If you are not on a tight line deadline for what you are writing, scheduling a lunch date with a friend is a great thing to do. Also just giving a friend a call for about 15 minutes can clear your mind. The conversations you have with your friend at lunch or on the phone should not be what you are writing about and how you feel stuck. Talk about things that are unrelated. That way your mind can focus on something else. From the conservation, you can find inspiration. In the past, I have called my friend who has a sense of humor and her jokes give me life and a new perspective. The conversation should inspire you to get your creative juices flowing.

Be Inspired By Music or TV/Film.  If you feel mentally drained from writer’s block and do not have the energy to create or communicate; you can consume. Be entertained. Listen to your favorite album, several if you have to. Binge watch your favorite TV series or web series. Watch your favorite movie. Sometimes when you think too much your brain just has a standstill. Relaxing and being entertained can make you get away mentally. With this mental break, you can go back to writing once you are ready. I have done this technique when I was mentally drained from not know what to write. To combat this feeling I listened to a Trey Songz album. I’m not telling you who to listen too but after I finished listening to the album, my mind was relaxed and I was ready to write again. Please note this technique usually works when you do not have a tight deadline. This is usually beneficial in brainstorming writing sessions.

Now you can handle writer’s block. Comment below if you can think of any other ways to combat writer’s block.


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3 Ways to Conquer Writer’s Block