5 Tips for Showing Your Value at Work

Brittany Bullock

5 Tips for Showing Your Value at Work

We all know that Corporate America can be one large game of monopoly some days. It’s about what you know, how well you do, and who knows it. I am not advising you to go around telling everyone all of your accomplishments, however I am telling you to know what you are good at and use it to your advantage. The more visibility you have as the expert or point person at work, the more valuable you are. Here are five tips to gain more visibility at work.  

Use Your Efficiency

For the first time there are five generations in the workforce and we all operate/value things differently. As Millennials, we like for processes to be efficient. If you see a way that making a pivot tool, excel sheet, or other tool can make a process faster, run with it and test it out. If it works, present your findings to your manager or boss with measureable results over a period of time. Showing process improvement is a great add to your evaluations.

Mentor a New Hire

If your company has a mentor program, sign up. If not, make it change. Take them to get coffee or lunch on their first day, help them out with onboarding, getting to know people in the office, especially if you wish this is something you had. Majority of mentor programs begin with someone recognizing the need and speaking up about it. Being able to say that you created/started a program that can be put in place continuously is a huge value add.

Be Social

This is an easy way to get noticed. Organize clothing drives, potlucks, fundraisers, or other low-cost events to bring people together. It shows off your ability to give tasks and manage people as well as builds the culture at your job. I organized a chili cook off that is now an annual event, as well as a kickball game that acts as a fundraiser for suicide awareness.

Keep Learning

Utilize low-cost courses such as those found on Udemy or join an organization such as Toastmasters. Find an external group to learn additional skills to better perfect your job. If you are able to reteach or train co-workers on what you’ve learned, your job will not only let you expense it, but see you as the go-to person for that subject. I find local conferences or trainings I can attend. If they benefit my team, my manager will let me expense them.

Stretch Projects

If you have goals of moving to another role or department, don’t wait to do the work. Ask for small projects or assignments that can be done as additional work. It shows that you have a career projector in mind and that you are able to multitask. I told my current manager and VP what I felt my career trajectory is and they allowed me to start shadowing people in the role and taking the responsibility on a local level. I have been put on regional and national calls which brings great exposure for my skills.


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5 Tips for Showing Your Value at Work