Why Art is Good for Business

Carlyn D. Crawley

Why Art is Good for Business

The relationship between art and business is long running and tightly intertwined. Almost overnight every rapper alive started talking about Basquiat. Jay & Bey have an art collection valued around an easy $25 million. The wealthiest private art collectors in the world are not artsy people or celebrities; they are all billionaire business tycoons. Mukti Khaire, Cornell tech professor, wrote in her book that “art and business are often described as worlds apart, even diametric opposites. And yet, these realms are close cousins…”

Just looking at or indulging in art is known to boost creative, critical thinking in every profession, especially entrepreneurship. If you’re feeling blocked or trying to work through complex business problems, find an outlet. Below are some dope contemporary spots in New York and DC. Don’t forget concerts, music festivals, theater, the ballet, and sculpture gardens.

Installations/Exhibits Exhibits give you an opportunity to check out world renowned artists.  Immersive installations used to be an elusive thing for art snobs but now all the hipsters are at pop-up art installations keeping their Instagram game strong. The experiences are also great for business owners who want an interesting backdrop for website/social media pictures. Take your photographer friend, a cute outfit, and go.

Contemporary Art Galleries If you are building your art collection, some of these galleries are where you can get acquainted with up and coming artists. For any novice art collector, major private galleries are where you want to start.

Museums If you want to view original work of legendary artists like Picasso, Van Gogh, and Warhol they are usually housed in museums around the world.

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Why Art is Good for Business