Don’t Get Caught in the Hype: Hustle vs. Haste

Kiara Arnold

Don’t Get Caught in the Hype: Hustle vs. Haste

It’s the end of the year, and we all find ourselves revisiting the goals we planned on tackling. So how can we stay encouraged, enjoy the upcoming holidays while checking some things off of the list? Don’t get caught in the hype. Please don’t throw together last minute mess that you’re not proud of just to mark that goal as complete. If it’s a task you know takes more preparation than the allotted time left in the year, simply shift your focus to a better plan so the final product can be bred with confidence. If you have to think twice about whether you would invest in your product or service, it’s not quite ready. Striving for excellence is always better than perfection.

Hustle is a word that’s used so loosely it gets lost in translation. The art of hustle requires taking any path necessary to achieve your desired objectives no matter the hurdles. Hustling doesn’t accept “no” for an answer and doesn’t seek out the path of least resistance. Hustlers often make sacrifices others wouldn’t – which sets them up to succeed in the long run. No matter what the old school hood movies may have told us, you don’t have to betray or step on any toes to get what you want. What’s for you is for you – and even in the midst of adversity, there will always be a way created for you to achieve your goals.

Myleik Teele – Founder and CEO of curlBOX curated the first monthly subscription service for naturally curly hair. She often discusses on the MyTaughtYou podcast her willingness to effectively do the work others refused to do, showcasing your actual value. This is one of the many things that have attributed to her continued success.

Marsha Barnes – Founder of The Finance Bar, created a mobile hub to deliver financial awareness and literacy resources to clients. Her tenacity to literally meet you when and where it’s needed the most provides a competitive advantage that traditional financial advisors do not match. The commitment to ensure clients take ownership of their finances is what makes Marsha’s services unique to the industry.

Both of the women mentioned above (any many more) could not possibly be where they are without thoughtful preparation.  

Haste, on the other hand, is not adequately planned and aimlessly thrown together with very little substance. It’s basically like the research paper you waited until the last minute (or forgot) to do in undergrad. You completed it but didn’t take the time you know it needed to be thorough.  I’m sure Blockbuster had the intention of staying in business much longer. Netflix and other streaming services quickly dismantled a store that was once in such high demand become a severe throwback. Nokia didn’t expect to fall entirely off of the grid to Apple and other phone manufacturers until they no longer were considered a competitor.

The key to remember here is that preparation not only plans but anticipates and embraces change.

“Don’t let the internet rush you.” This meme has been floating around on social media, but it still holds very accurately. Don’t let people you don’t know influence the moves you make. Check that goal off because you’re secure with who you are, the preparation and prefer the final product instead of the praise. Those who hustle can’t waste time on hating, and those who prepare don’t come in contact with poor quality.


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Don’t Get Caught in the Hype: Hustle vs. Haste