7 Words That Will Change the Way You Look at Your Life

Ebony Guerrier

7 Words That Will Change the Way You Look at Your Life

Comparison is the thief of joy and every time we decide to compare our journey with someone else’s, we rob ourselves a piece of that joy. I have found so much pain in comparing myself with everyone else around me; I have jeopardized my business, relationships, and self confidence by doing that. We find so much ease in sizing ourselves up with people, but we fail to realize that the true and greatest comparison we should have is with ourselves. Compare your current life with where you were 6 months/1 year ago. Take an inventory of what you have accomplished and excelled at, even if it was one area of your life, build on that comparison.

One aspect I love about Facebook is the “On This Day” section where you can click and see all of the posts you made on that particular day for each year you’ve been on Facebook. I love this for the same reason I sometimes dislike it. It reminds me of who I used to be, which can be a great and a bad thing. Whether it brings back old memories that I’d rather not remember, or show me how far I have come, this tool has helped me appreciate my journey. I’m thankful that I am not the person that I used to be, but I often learn lessons from the old me that I want to carry out along my current journey.

I challenge you to take a look at that area in Facebook and compare yourself to that person from 1, 2, or 3 years ago. Look at how far you have come and note the victories that you had from then until now. Not only will you feel a sense of peace, but you will see yourself from a different perspective. I want to help you embrace the journey that you’re currently on and hope that you can use this breakdown as a tool to help E.M.B.R.A.C.E. who you are, as you become who you’re supposed to be.

E- Entrepreneur

The very essence of who we are speaks volumes. We have taken a road that many have run away from. We embrace challenges that most would cower and break with, and, most importantly, we have an insatiable hunger and desire to be great and we are willing to risk a lot to do it. We are fearless and bold to step out of our comfort zones to pursue what is in our hearts and mind, even when others disagree with us.


Whether or not we signed up to be, we are mentors to someone. Think of the person you looked up to growing up – whether a teacher, coach, family member – we are that to someone. They are watching our every move and it inspires them. Don’t think it’s just children who are watching, adults are too. Adults that desire more, but are afraid to move. Parents who may not agree with our path, but are proud of us in the process. And, of course, rising entrepreneurs. Through our journey, we offer hope. And that’s something powerful!

B- Bold

We are some bold people! In order to walk in boldness, there is a certain confidence one must possess. To be bold means having the ability to take risks. Boldness is quitting a job to pursue a dream not knowing what the outcome will be, loving on the same people that called you crazy for doing something different, knowing at any moment you can fall on your face and you’re prepared to be okay with that, and looking fear dead in the eyes telling it to move out of your way. Boldness is a gift. Don’t take it lightly!


One of my mentors told me that, “adversity causes some to break and others to break records.” I didn’t really understand until adversity came my way. True entrepreneurship will come with all types of adversity, but the ability to be resilient in those times and recover from the blows will determine your outcome. Without even knowing your story, I already know that you have had some adversities, we all have, but the fact that you are still standing here shows that you have a fight in you that no one can take away and that same fight will lead to more success.


None of us are perfect. However, ambition is an important trait in this world. When you are ambitious, you just make things happen which is golden as an entrepreneur. It means that you are a hard worker and not afraid of a challenge. The qualities that you possess will push you further in your journey. I will admit that I can be lazy at times when it comes to certain areas of my life, but when ambition kicks in, I will push past every obstacle because my desire to win is stronger than my ability to lose.

C- Creative

I love this quality the most of my fellow entrepreneurs because it shows that we can really think outside of the box. Creativity isn’t just within the arts, it is in our everyday life. One of the things that I had to quickly understand when transitioning from employee to full time entrepreneur was being creative with my finances. When there isn’t a constant flow of income rolling in, you find different ways to generate income. I have learned so many ways to supplement my income from different places, things I never thought of as an employee. But when you have your back against the wall, you have to make things happen. You are admired for your creativity and your drive!


It is fitting that this be last. A goal that I have is to live full and die empty. I want to do die knowing that I gave it my all and there was nothing left. Our desire should be on a daily basis try to come back empty, giving it all you’ve got; pour into others, give of yourself, and be a light to the world. Don’t be afraid to venture off course or get further from your comfort zone. There is so much out there to experience and be a part of. You deserve to see it, too.

I hope this encourages you to look at your journey from a different perspective and remember to not compare your journey with someone else. Rather, look at the old you vs. the current you and base your comparison on that. You will find more peace, joy, and happiness by doing it that way!

Be Encouraged. Be Inspired. Be Empowered

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7 Words That Will Change the Way You Look at Your Life