The Jump: Why I Walked Away from my 6-Figure Job to be a Full-Time Entrepreneur

Candace Armour

The Jump: Why I Walked Away from my 6-Figure Job to be a Full-Time Entrepreneur

My love for entrepreneurship was birthed at a young age, and when I went away to college I got pulled away from it. Instead of studying my passion, business, I studied engineering. After a few aerospace internships, I soon realized I should find a way to get back to what I was truly passionate about. From there, I decided to stay at school for an additional year to get my MBA. That was one of the best decisions I ever made.

With no business work experience, I landed a job in the consulting workforce doing digital technology consulting as a 23 year-old MBA grad. I remember being excited for the opportunity to grow and learn while traveling across the country helping Fortune 500 companies. Though I was excited, I knew I didn’t want to be there forever. I told myself that 3 years was my max if I didn’t love the track I was headed on, I would make a switch. At the time, I thought a switch would mean to another company, but I didn’t realize that switch would be to my own company. 

After about a year and a half into working at the consulting firm, I started feeling like all the work I was putting in was not paying off. I would work 12 – 15 hour days sometimes, and it was rough. I’d go the extra mile to make sure that client presentations were perfected, to make sure that my work was double and triple checked, and to make sure I was putting my best foot forward at all times. There were times where my work was appreciated, and it felt good. I got praise from my colleagues and peers about my performance, but at some point, praise wasn’t enough for me to feel fulfilled. Plus, I wasn’t getting paid enough in comparison to the amount of work I was putting in.

I began to explore other options for what I wanted to do next. I realized that I could spend time building my own brand while working full-time, so that’s what I did. I built a brand,, around my passions and expertise. I found a way to make sure that the impact that I was having on others’ lives was significant. I wanted to be able to more readily see the impact than at such a large firm.

As I built my brand, I prepared to walk away from my corporate job. I created a plan, and I did my best to stick to it. I budgeted so that I could save money to be able to walk away and support myself financially. Additionally, I purchased a home while I still had proof of work history. 

Work became more overwhelming, I grew less and less passionate, and I felt stuck. I had to make the decision to either stay in a place of comfort where I knew I’d be getting a check every two weeks or whether I would take the leap of faith and jump. I felt that if I put the same amount of time I put into someone else’s company into my own, that I would be able to take my business to the next level. 

So, I decided to jump. 

But… I made a few mistakes along the way to quitting my full-time job. I asked others’ opinions about what I knew I should do. I got advice from people like friends and mentors about my decision, and they told me they didn’t think I should do it, yet. They thought I should wait until the “time was right” and I “saved up at least 1 year of expenses”.  

I felt scared. I was so afraid. Talking to naysayers made me even more nervous about the jump, but I’m glad I didn’t listen to them. 

I realized I shouldn’t be listening to others’ advice if they hadn’t already done what I was trying to do. They hadn’t ever walked away from a 6-figure benefits package to pursue their dreams. 

From the moment I sent in my resignation letter, I felt a level of freedom I’ve never felt before. Though there’s so much uncertainty in my future, I feel great knowing that I get to define where I’m headed. Since leaving my job, my business has begun to flourish so much more. I’m able to develop much more content that’s specific to my audience, and my business has really started making moves to the next level. 

If you’re considering leaving your corporate job, prepare for it, and don’t hesitate when you know the time is right. You may have to sacrifice for a season, but every bit of it will be worth it.

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The Jump: Why I Walked Away from my 6-Figure Job to be a Full-Time Entrepreneur