A Simple Guide to Help Organize Your Cluttered Life

Jerry Bradley

A Simple Guide to Help Organize Your Cluttered Life

My generation is comprised of many different types of people. On one side, you have those that are vibrant, so full of ideas, with a hunger to fulfill their hopes and dreams in life no matter the hardship. There are people who want to do better but they just don’t know where to start. Then there are those who could care less about hard work or accomplishing goals and allow life to pass them by.

If you want to get anywhere or accomplish anything in life, let’s start first by deciding which one of these people you are now and who you want to be. Hey, if you want to be a bum all your life, then, by all means, go for it. However, if you dream big and want to accomplish those goals and fulfill whatever life mission you have in mind, then hard work and prioritizing is the key. When I say prioritize, I mean choosing to do one thing over something else. Just think about it, how often do we set goals and then completely forget to follow through because we got caught up in the world around us. For me personally, I know that has happened more times than not.

Know what’s important

A test of one’s ability to prioritize can come in the simplest of forms. In college, I would always procrastinate writing papers or studying for tests. Instead, I was going out to the bar with friends and taking road trips. So clearly, I didn’t want to pass my classes because I didn’t prioritize doing what it took to make top notch grades. But let’s be real, most classes in school you can do the bare minimum at the last minute and still slide by. However, in the real world, which I consider post college/young adult life, we don’t have the luxury of simply sliding by. Not being able to prioritize can cost you your job or livelihood.

The biggest killer of time for many in our generation is television and social media. I personally don’t even have a T.V. in my room because I know that would be detrimental to my life. I’m not saying that you should do the same, however, when you know yourself, you also know what you can and cannot do to steer away bad habits that can distract you from achieving your goals. I would encourage you to set down the phone more often throughout the day and see just how much more you can get accomplished.

Clear the clutter

Getting your priorities straight will free up so much of the clutter you face from day to day. Think about it, with your priorities set you can now clearly set goals and work towards accomplishing them. Everything that’s not a priority must go on the back burner. Also, as humans, sometimes we prioritize things that we shouldn’t and I challenge you to point those things out and replace them with habits that can benefit you in the long run. Those that we all look up to so dearly became great because they dedicated that time to perfecting their craft. Instead of turning up at the club on Friday night, read a book about something that’s been sparking your interest, or get that workout in that you keep saying you need to do.

There’s always something that could be done that is more positive than sitting around on the couch or finishing off that bottle of Henny with your crew. Be encouraged, be a light to yourself and to others. You can do all things that you set out to achieve with hard work, dedication, and proper priorities in line.

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A Simple Guide to Help Organize Your Cluttered Life