A New Logo is the Only Facelift You’ll Ever Need

Gavon Broomfield

A New Logo is the Only Facelift You’ll Ever Need

Building a brand and growing a business isn’t always glamorous work. It takes patience and determination to develop your idea and then multiply that effort times 10 to get it off the ground. What will help you grow an audience or clientele is how attractive your brand is to consumers in your target market. A significant step for a business or brand is the creation of the brand’s logo! A logo is the face of the brand and it’s your first attempt at grabbing someone’s attention, and first impressions are everything. Any successful brand has a dope logo because it opens the opportunity for free marketing, brand penetration, and generating income in your sleep! Let’s take a look at some companies who have mastered the art of logo creation and strategic branding.

Making a lasting impression

How has a large company like Apple been able to maintain their overwhelming presence in the tech industry for so long? Aside from the placement of the half-eaten apple on all their products, the placement of irony might’ve been the signature that guaranteed the branding success of the large tech company we all have grown to love and willingly struggle with. You can walk into any Starbucks cafe, retailer, or grocery store and see the presence of apple whether it’s apple pay, the iconic white earbuds, or a sleek laptop. It’s no denying a company like Apple or your start-up company can satisfy the needs of your customers, but if you can’t establish a strong reputation within the first 15 seconds, you’re going to miss out on a lot of potential customers. Your logo is what your audience sees first, so make it count.

Create a story

So you’ve gotten my attention, where do we go from here? Your logo should not only be eye-catching, it should also tell a story about your brand. If we look at Amazon, we can tell they put some thought behind their logo, but they do it without spelling the whole thing out. If you notice the arrow under the word Amazon, it creates a smile from A to Z, and the arrow ends. Amazon sells just about any product you could think of and like any business, it’s their goal to keep their customers happy by providing exceptional service. They’ve built a business that streamlines the process of delivering products or services to the consumer at competitive prices. No hassle. No hiccups. Your logo can be artistic, simple, or abstract, as long as it communicates who you are and what you stand for.

Build an identity

Now what you don’t want your logo to do is exclude or offend anyone because that could potentially hurt your brand, shrink your audience, and maybe lead to legal issues if anything were to go awry. Your brand is what differentiates you from competitors in your market and your image should stand out from all the information that inundates our brains. Brand logos shouldn’t create confusion nor should it simply your brand. Finding that sweet spot can actually do your brand some good. Nike, a global brand, uses a “swoosh” but without prior knowledge of Greek mythology, it would appear to be a random check mark. Nike respectfully pulled inspiration from another culture and used the ambiguity behind the swoosh to educate and establish a culture of achievement. Hence “Just Do It”. With that being said, let your creativity run wild but hone in on exactly what you want the consumer to feel, think, or say about your brand when they see your logo.

Now that I’ve made my argument for dope logos, think about how your logo is serving you or your brand. Your brand is like you, always changing, getting better, and growing. You can always re-brand, revitalize, and re-establish a connection with your target audience by giving it a “face-lift” if necessary.

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A New Logo is the Only Facelift You’ll Ever Need