How I Positioned Myself For Greatness In 2018

Brianna Clay

How I Positioned Myself For Greatness In 2018

With only a few weeks left in 2017, It’s time to start thinking about our goals for 2018. This year, instead of making new years’ resolutions that I probably wont keep, I decided to sit down and make realistic goals that I could commit to. I understand that we all believe a new year is an opportunity to have a clean slate and start fresh, but it can also be an opportunity to use what we’ve learned in the previous year to make better decision, clearer objectives, and to actually finish what we’ve started. Here are four tips that will help me position myself for greatness in 2018.

Tip 1 – Be Realistic – I know from experience that it is so easy to make elaborate goals without considering what it takes to achieve them. As I sat down to make my list of goals, I focused on being realistic and making smaller goals that would actually help me achieve my bigger ones. For example, one of my 2018 goals was to lose weight (original right?) This is definitely not my first time making this goal. So, instead of focusing on weight lost I changed my goal to something more realistic like “educate yourself on health and fitness” This is more of a realistic goal for me because I enjoy researching ways to improve myself. Whenever I learn something new I become slightly addictive to apply what I’ve learned to my lifestyle. This is a smaller goal that is realistic and will ultimately help me achieve my bigger goal which is weight loss.

Tip 2 – Be Reflective – I personally love reflecting on my experiences because I believe it helps me make better decisions. When you’re positioning yourself for greatness in 2018 be sure to thoroughly reflect on 2017 and the years before. What habits do you want to leave in 2017? What happened this year that has affected your character? Did you take any risk or did you play things safe? If you could change anything about 2017 what would It be? What kind of person have you been lately? By taking this kind of ownership you become knowledgeable about what works and what doesn’t work for you. This is a great way to become more aware of what you need to do differently in the new year or what you should keep the same.

Tip 3 – Be A Doer – It’s easy to say what we’re going to do, but sometimes difficult to take action. My advice is, whatever you’re planning for 2018 start working on it today. Another 2018 goal of mine is to grow my network of young successful women in Chicago. I want to connect with women who either own their own brands or are filmmakers to learn from them and also grow with them. I’ve already began working on that goal by reaching out to women via social media, signing up for women empowerment events, and joining social groups around the city. You don’t have to wait for the new year to get started on your new goals.

Tip 4- Be A Believer – There is no point in making goals if you don’t believe you are capable of achieving them (which you are!) While you’re thinking about your new goals you should also add in some encouraging affirmations to go along with them. You have to believe in your dreams more than anyone else if you actually want to succeed.

I hope that as we all go into 2018 we can be intentional about making it one of the best years of our lives. If you find any of these tips helpful I would love to hear your story via social media. Let’s keep in touch and try to hold each other accountable for crushing every single goal in the new year.

See you in 2018!

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How I Positioned Myself For Greatness In 2018