Productivity Tips To Help You Finish Strong in the Final Quarter of 2017

Dhanha Bien-Aime

Productivity Tips To Help You Finish Strong in the Final Quarter of 2017

Millennials live a very busy lifestyle. Whether it be having a 9-5 job with a side hustle or being a full time entrepreneur. Time can be very limited. What can be agreed upon is that time cannot given back. How we use our time is very important. We need to be productive with our time and get things done. With much trial and error and a little research I have five ways you can improve your productivity and get things done. The following five tips are a great way to jump start the final quarter of 2017:

Be mindful of social media. Social media can be a huge distraction. It can take up your time.  Do you have the tendency to scroll your life away? If you have that issue it can block your productivity in a major fashion. What can you do to stop that? Prioritize. Make sure you get all your important work done before logging into Instagram, Facebook, etc. Think about what is more important.

Turn Off Notifications. This is a very great way to not get distracted by your smartphone. It will help you also not get caught up in checking into social media or news headlines. By turning off your notifications you now have control of your phone and not the phone controlling you.

Wake Up Early. The early bird gets the worm. Starting the day early preps you a productive mindset. There are many successful people who are early risers. According to Business Insider former first lady Michelle Obama wakes up at 4:30 am to workout. Another example of an early riser is Virgin Group founder Richard Branson who wakes up 5:45 am. In a article, according to a 2008 study by biologist Christoph Ranlder early risers are more proactive. With all of these examples it is great thing to be a early riser. The benefits include: having  the time to workout, planning for the day, working on your side hustle and having  a head start on the day. Waking up early keeps you focused on the tasks you have at hand.

Plan The Night Before. Besides waking up early to prep for the work you have to do, prepping the night before is very important.  Every night before I go to bed, I create a to do list of what I plan to accomplish for the next day. I try to not to have a very long list. The most I will implement on my list is three tasks. This takes a lot of prioritizing. Think of what is very important and a priority for your goals for the week. Incorporate these three tasks for the day.  Having a to do list the night before and just strategizing for the next day is very helpful. Also reflecting on the day’s work can help you maximize your work for the following day.

Implement Time Blocking. Time blocking is a productivity tool that is worth considering. Instead of a regular to-do list you block out time for the various tasks for the day. It is like making a schedule for the day. For example you can block an hour to answer emails and another hour to work on your side hustle.  One way to organize your time blocks is to use a spreadsheet. The whole point of time blocking is to free you of distractions and to focus on a task one at a time. This will make you get things done. Here is an handy article that describes time blocking. Also there is  a wonderful article that reviews three free time blocking apps that will be very useful for time blocking:

I have used most of these productivity hacks in the last 6 months and have seen a shift in my productivity. I get more things done and have more free time. These tasks are easier said then done but applying these hacks will be very helpful.

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Productivity Tips To Help You Finish Strong in the Final Quarter of 2017