In Progress We Trust: How Learning Gives Me Hope

Justin Malone

In Progress We Trust: How Learning Gives Me Hope

In the words of Big K.R.I.T, “life ain’t nothing but an EQ of highs and lows.” As a young adult, the pressure to succeed in various facets of life can seem insurmountable and unavoidable at times.In addition to the pressure from parents, friends, and society, millennials are being pushed and pulled in many ways.The pressure to succumb to these expectations can make life confusing and daunting.

With these expectations paired with many financial roadblocks, It’s easy to see how many millennials go down the path of losing hope in society.College is at its most expensive ever outpacing inflation over the past 20 years by almost three times (3x), but it takes college graduates on average six months to find a job after graduating. Millennials are also earning less than the generations before in their twenties despite being more educated. Home ownership is another issue. Student debt has made it burdensome for many millennials to get their first homes, which is a major life milestone. It doesn’t help that the tax plan recently passed mostly benefits older (and whiter) adults, [while] younger (and non-white) Americans will absorb many of their costs.” 

Despite the financial roadblocks, millennials have more opportunities and access to information than previous generations. Things aren’t as binary as they have been in the past. Occupations such as social media manager didn’t exist for past generations. As stated in one of my earlier articles, “we [millennials] have more power than any generation of the past because we don’t have to wait our turn to create the future. We can do it now!” The tools and resources are there to make things happen. 

Don’t fear information is here!

For me, reading and watching informational videos gives me a sense of hope for a better, brighter future. It serves as a getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Investing in yourself allows you to disconnect from your work life and social life while providing an outlet to be one with yourself. Taking time for yourself is much needed when you have multiple things trying to push you in various directions in your life. With that time, you can gain more knowledge, grow your mind, and nurture that knowledge to move toward action. With countless books, articles, and videos on almost anything, there’s so much that can be learned and applied to make the world a better place for you and society at large. Here are some ways.

Delve into your interests

Who wouldn’t want to learn more about something they care a lot? One of the best things about learning for leisure is having the chance to delve more into the things that interest you. We all have that inner nerd inside of us for something.Why not double down on it and get more knowledge in it? It’s information that’s fun to know for you and could even be valuable to use one day at work, school, in conversations, and in many other situations. It never hurts to know a little bit more about the things you’re passionate about. Unlocking the door to some of your interests could lead to you figuring out and following your passion. Passion paired with motivation can give you energy even when things aren’t necessarily the best at times.

Share the love with your tribe

As you learn more about your interests, you may want to talk to others who know a thing or two about it. You’ll want to join that community. Being in it gives you a place to connect with like-minded people, learn more about your interest, collaborate on initiatives, and add to the conversation. Share what you love. Share the knowledge you already have and figure out ways to further expound upon it through interactions with your community.There’s so much knowledge out there to be gained, and connecting with the community is essential to take your knowledge to the next level. Bringing numerous minds together for the greater good of that common interest (when positive!) can produce new knowledge and new opportunities for you and the community. 

Transform the knowledge into actions & solutions

Gaining more knowledge and access to the communities that matter to you, you may have the ability to take the information you have and use it to initiate action and create solutions. As a member of this community, you can start from within, while also understanding the core sentiments that need to be addressed. With ingenuity, help from others, and a fail fast mentality, you may strike gold on the right thing to push things forward. Sharing with your community could give you a platform to build upon. Support provides opportunities to spread the message outside the bounds of the core community. Over time, you may be able to make things different than what they once were by going through the process of learning more about something that matters to you. You have the ability to make some things better by taking the time out to focus on what drives you.

Life may be filled with highs but there are things that may be in your favor too. It’s about your perspective on things and having the resilience to muster through the pain. Sometimes, it’s good to disconnect and learn more about what matters to you. Reading, writing, and applying some of the knowledge learned is one way to transform your thoughts and your world at large. Like a phoenix, you can rise and let your story inspire others in hopes of a brighter future. It first starts with your transformation.

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In Progress We Trust: How Learning Gives Me Hope