Stop Guilt Tripping Your Family & Friends in Supporting Your Business

Shirley Jean-Baptiste

Stop Guilt Tripping Your Family & Friends in Supporting Your Business

Newbie entrepreneurs, when you’re going down the list of things you need to succeed, add “Forget family and friends who do not support your entrepreneurial pursuits.” In Business, you have no mom, dad, nor bestie. It’s just you and your trusty laptop.

We’ve seen the subliminal memes by entrepreneurs who took out the time to vent their frustrations. “Dear Gratitude Journal, they paid for Jay-Z 444 album, but didn’t buy my coaching service.” Throw the entire friendship away!!

I’ve been where you are, frustrated that a friend shared someone else’s business post but didn’t share mine. I used to retreat to my familiar lament, “Oh word?” In this case, “Oh word?” means, I remember when you had an event or needed help moving, and I showed up. Or, your child was selling overpriced candy, and I supported without hesitation. Or, your church was raising money again through raffle tickets, and I purchased an entire booklet even though the prizes were trash!

Me: “Tell me who I have to be to get some reciprocity?”

Also, me: “Girl, chill!”

Me: “Start a business and I show who your true friends are.”

Also, me: “Girl, save your breath!”

Me: “Wait until I get money right. Then you can’t tell me nothing, right?”

Also, me: “Stop quoting Kanye and secure the bag.”

Yes, I used to have dreams of stunting on them b*tches while going from overlooked to overbooked, but it was coming from a place of lack.  A seed must have been planted in my youth that gave credence to counting on family and friends in supporting me at all cost. As I grew so did its beanstalk- it blocked my vision and paralyzed me from seeing entrepreneur life outside the confines of what seems familiar and comfortable.

What I’ve come to learn, is that sometimes your family and friends aren’t your target audience. And even if they do fit into that category, they are not obligated to use your service or product.

Look at it from a perspective that they too may be suffering from a “lack mentality.” Sometimes, lack of support from family and friends is not a personal diss, but a frustration within that non-supporter that they didn’t have the balls to start that business they’ve been talking about for decades. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll find haters amongst folks you know for whatever reason, but your only job is to get the job done.

If you’re focused on that one friend you helped when she was stranded with a flat tire and how she bypasses your business posts, you might as well throw in the towel. It takes a lot of energy to worry about those who aren’t supporting you. You could have channeled that same energy to gain a new client or customer.

When you start making headways with your right target audience, family and friends who aren’t supporting your entrepreneurial endeavors become null and void. Oh, and don’t be surprised when they start casually inquiring about what it is that you do. Hey, it comes with the territory.

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Stop Guilt Tripping Your Family & Friends in Supporting Your Business