How My First Hiking Trip Changed My Perspective on Life

Xavier Eaves

How My First Hiking Trip Changed My Perspective on Life

An activity I discovered this summer that put those ideas into perspective was hiking. A true microcosm of the journey to success and accomplishing what you set out to do. Once it becomes a hobby, one will see that hiking becomes a mental recharging experience in which you are forced to refocus on literally making it to the top, or whatever desired destination you are conquering. In each experience, it seems that different life lessons are being taught by nature and the universe. These lessons are truly unique to the individual and their purpose for partaking in the adventure.

The Journey

My first hiking trip this summer was by far the most impactful and meaningful. I actually was supposed to embark on a beginner trail to see if I would enjoy the experience. In turn, I actually ended up taking on a pretty experienced trail which totaled about 4.5 miles round trip. Taking on this challenge resulted in getting lost on the trail once or twice, not seeing the view I was told about, and realizing that I took the wrong trail at the peak of the hike. With all these things that went left, I still managed to follow the trail perfectly on the return trip and arrive at my home destination. Even though things didn’t go the way I planned, they worked out and I had a successful introduction to the hiking world. Here are what the lessons taught me about life in general:

  1. Choosing and taking the right path in life is sometimes out of our control. We may think that we are supposed to go one way, but at times the universe may have more it wants to show us. There are many times we are tested and thrown into situations to see what and how much we can handle. Passing these test will only result in positive steps forward in life.
  2. Life sometimes forces you to lose sight of the important things. On hiking trails, they use markers to identify the direction one should be headed. One should use the same principle of having small goals to check off on the way to the ultimate goal. In this way, one will always stay focused on the vision, even if it seems to get blurry along the way.
  3. Everybody has their own plateau of success and what that looks like. That top of the mountain peak for you may not look like everyone else’s and that’s fine. The goal is to reach the top of your own journey. No one else can define that or see it for you. That version of the top of the mountain is unique to your own individuality and it’s your duty to figure out what that looks like.

Either you wine or you climb

Basically, the experience of hiking put life into another perspective for me. Before I would describe success and living the best life as a destination. Now, I understand that those mountains in life are journeys and you have to go through, around, and under things to reach that point. Essentially, there is no easy way around, so take everyday, step by step, and learn how to climb to your mountaintop.

Peace & Blessings!

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How My First Hiking Trip Changed My Perspective on Life