The Value of Time: My Lesson From 2017

Xavier Eaves

The Value of Time: My Lesson From 2017

Time is defined as “the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole (Webster,2017).” With us transitioning into the last month of the year 2017, remind yourself of the value of time. Whatever one chooses to concisely or unconsciously focus our thoughts on, will, in turn, be the habits & behaviors that an individual will invest their valuable asset of, time. The routine of our daily activities causes time to get overlooked as days seem to come & go. I️t is important that daily routines we encounter do not disrupt the time we must set aside to better ourselves each day. In the moments spent stagnant & making continued excuses in our minds, will only equate to wasted time that we can’t get back.

As defined previously, time, & truly understanding the value of it in the professional world is an ultimate key to progress. My overall experiences of 2017 have shown me that, this precious gift of time, does not stop no matter the situation. With that in mind, it’s a daily reminder to me along this ride of life. That when the valleys & dips do come, one has to slow down in order to fight the inclines & declines, but never get stuck. To be rather harsh, if you as in individual are not satisfied with your situation. Then you can’t complain or make any more excuses for yourself for wasting time.

Essentially, we have to look at ourselves in the mirror & take ownership of the peaks & lows of our year. Now if your satisfied & comfortable with your current stature than, use these tips to help improve your priorities & a friendly time management reminder. On the other hand, if your similar to me & can reflect on the year & not be satisfied, try along with me these daily tips, practices & reminders to stay encouraged & proactive always. Using these helpful tools will help to divert energy on always focusing forward & improving the overall creative production process by staying locked in. I hope that these helpful thoughts help to prioritize your energy & protects your mental space as we embark on 2018.

Create your own situation, career path, or success.

Talking the responsibility of understanding every output of your emotions comes from somewhere, is essential. Understanding that you have to control what you can control & stay focused on those variables. In turn, this will lead to wanting to take advantage of every opportunity each day to do something that is taking steps in direction of your ultimate goal.

Spread love & light

Navigating through life’s journey it a necessity to always spread love & positivity to those dearest to you. In the moments of triumph & defeat, you always need people that love & care for you to support your endeavors along the way. The same love that you show in the world will be reciprocated to you in one form or another. The time one spends stagnant & unproductive will keep ones creative light dim. Instead, move in kindness & love to all in need & your situation will change.

Understand your niche, hone I️t

Hopefully, another life lesson you acquired, along with my self this year, was truly tapping into true passion & purpose. Finding you’re “why,” is the biggest lesson I hope to inspire in this post. Understanding your niche & the self-realization that comes along in this process is rewarding in itself. You will find once this is understood it will be hard to make time to indulge in other activities. Your “why” should be that ultimate vision that keeps you up restless at night & each day of this new year, you should be making a step towards that direction.

Disconnect from society

It is important to note that staying the course & being truly focused on utilizing every minute of the day, never was meant to come easy. Do acknowledge that distractions & various choices will arise that could cause us to steer off course. A for sure way to make sure that you limit distractions is unplugging from society or seriously monitoring the moments spent on social media for entertainment purposes. For me this advice works better when I go completely cold turkey from a social media platform, to reclaim some of my own time back. Others might need to just regulate how much they use the tools for things other than branding & business purposes. Either way, taking a break from what society & our peers is needed to protect our own mental space.

Plan out your day by the hour

This lesson is something I have to actually do better at practicing for myself. These wise words from my BYOB mentor Pauleanna Reid put making things happen in a very different light. In that she taught me how improving yourself & knowing what steps are needed to keep progressing, is truly consistent hard work. If your not satisfied with where you at than with all the resources available & the plain brain or willpower to achieve should motivate you. Inspire one to plan out your day around making sure everything that is completed is in some way connected to reaching that higher calling.

As we embark on the transition of a restart with a fresh year. Let us be mindful to use all four seasons, each of the twelve months. All 52 of the weeks that come and go, &each of the 365 days that we encounter to reach our ultimate vision. Reflect but don’t complain about the journey this year & work every day to improve or better yourself so that this upcoming year will result differently. We must remember to use our time wisely, it’s one thing that we can never get back. Cherish it

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The Value of Time: My Lesson From 2017