You’ve Been Hustling All Wrong: Setting Your Foundation Before Striving for Clout

Kiah Chism

You’ve Been Hustling All Wrong: Setting Your Foundation Before Striving for Clout

Shouldn’t a dope reputation lead more clients to your business? Theoretically, yes. But what’s your “dope reputation” even based on? Engagement? Fake followers? Meaningless appearances? If you’re striving to build a legacy what kind of foundation is that? It’s the same foundation they used when creating the Millennium Towers in California. This 645-foot structure had over 400 multimillion dollar condos inside, a panoramic view of the city, and amenities that’ll make you never want to leave your home. That was until they learned in 2015 that the structure was sinking at a rate of 2 inches per year and tilting towards another building. The problem? They drilled and laid their foundation in the sand, rather than drilling into the bedrock beneath to keep it stable. So I ask, what kind of foundation are you building your brand on? Keep reading to see where you’ve been laying your foundation.

You’re hustling all wrong if….

You’re Only Networking Up

We can all have a little ego when it comes to building our connections. Again, it theoretically makes sense to build a team of the hardest-hitters in your industry, but don’t get lost in the sauce of “looking” like you’re connected to these people. You’ve been stalking Myleik Teele for months, yet you’ve neglected to follow the systems she has in place to effectively reach her. Meanwhile, a former colleague of yours started a podcast that’s reaching people in your target audience, yet you’ve underestimated collaborating with them because they don’t have the clout you’re aspiring to. Humble yourself and network out just as much as you’re trying to network up.

You’re Rushing The Process

Sit down somewhere. If you were spending as much time investing in understanding your industry as you were rushing the details, you’d finally be moving somewhere. Did you know Warren Buffet spends the first 5 hours of his day READING? That’s right, while you’re pitching a half-way completed project, he’s reading newspapers from the 1920s to see how the economy fell to pieces. Slow your roll and take time to iron out all of the gaps you currently have in your brand and knowledge base.

You’re Teaching Before You Understand

You may not identify as Christian, but the Apostle Paul makes a solid point about faking the funk in 1 Timothy. He reminded Timothy that false-teachers share knowledge they to do not fully grasp and they do so confidently. What have you been preaching to your audience that you don’t even live by 100% of the time? Are you teaching time-management but you have an issue with getting off social media? Are you preaching about pitching but you haven’t pitched to a single company this week? What is your hypocritical gap? Identify it and address the issue, but don’t feel bad. We all have gaps to address.

You’re Sharing More Than You’re Working

How many times do you have to post a motivational quote about hustling on Instagram before you get to work? How often do you share you dope ideas to friends and colleagues only to make little to no movement on them? Are you still telling Twitter that moves are being made without there being any proof in the pudding? So people believe that you’re making money moves, but they have no idea what you do? If so, create a habit of sharing after you’ve completed the task. That way, you’re still keeping your tribe up to date, but you’re not getting full off of the “sharing” high that comes with announcing before delivering.

I know it’s hard getting popped on the hand or having your bubble burst, but it takes truth to elevate. Here are the key takeaways from each so you can start hustling the right way starting tomorrow:

  1.  Spend an endless amount of time educating yourself on your industry, enhancing your skills, and building your knowledge base.
  2.  Test out different strategies that you’ve studied until finding the perfect one for you.
  3.   Do. The. Work.
  4.   Network out to old classmates friends and associates, alongside networking up.
  5.   More doing. Less Sharing.
Not only is it easy, but like everything else in life, many rush the process to keep up with the Kardashians. But as soon as you get started you’ll find that building a solid foundation is first and foremost.So don’t rush the process. Instead lead a life of authenticity, with genuine relationships to solidify those connections and a deep understanding of your industry.
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You’ve Been Hustling All Wrong: Setting Your Foundation Before Striving for Clout